19 Sep 2013

Delicious Patagonia Pinot Noir made by Paul Hobbs

Delicious Patagonia Pinot Noir made by Paul Hobbs

Argentina is a big place and the wines seem to be about power and scale, which stylistically plays into that country’s two power varietals, Malbec and Cabernet

There is another side to Argentina that can rear its head when you start exploring the lesser known regions outside of Mendoza.  Patagonia is one such region and the base of its wines are more tuned towards elegance and precision rather than power and volume. Pinot Noir is something that has showed great promise in Patagonia and the just released 2012 Alto Limay Pinot Noir is something that will definitely catch a Pinot fan’s attention. Paul Hobbs, and his portfolio extra ordinaire, has now made inroads into Patagonia with this new wine, and it’s a beauty.

It is everything you want from a Pinot Noir - medium bodied, supple textured with a silky mouth feel, floral and fresh, with lifted, spicy red fruit, this is the epitome of elegance, playing right into the varietal’s strength. Only 1000 cases were produced and for under $20 it represents an excellent value. We are offering this delicious, spicy, fruited Pinot for $19.99 and $17.99 on a six or more bottle purchase, which in light of what’s in the bottle makes it more than worthy of its modest asking price. Kudos to Paul Hobbs and his crew on this one. This shows that Argentina, in terms of its wines, is about more than just big reds. As always first come first served.

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