03 Nov 2018

A lovely Pinot Noir out of Patagonia, Argentina

A lovely Pinot Noir out of Patagonia, Argentina

Argentina has become a one trick pony in many people’s minds, churning out vast quantities of Malbec from Mendoza and nothing else worth noting. We have been quietly exploring the other regions of this amazing country and have been pleasantly surprised.

We are slowly starting to see some interesting wines out of the Patagonian region of Rio Negro, Argentina that are pretty compelling, not only for value and quality, but also uniqueness. This cooler climate region known for its winds, ample sunshine and low humidity creates a perfect venue for making impressive wines. In general, Argentina is not known for its Pinot Noir, but in Patagonia there are a few small producers that have shown that Pinot Noir has a bright future.

Bodega Aniello is a boutique producer based in the upper Rio Negro Valley which has proven they can make lovely Pinot Noir that is also wallet friendly, with solid reviews from numerous wine critics to verify they are on the right path. We are offering the nicely reviewed Aniello 006 Riverside Estate Pinot Noir 2017 for $15.99 and $14.39 on a six bottle or more purchase, bringing extra value to the equation. If you are looking for a clean, focused Pinot that is easy to drink and very food friendly then you are going to love this wine.

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