26 Jan 2018

Mates' Rates on Staff Favorite

Mates' Rates on Staff Favorite

Anyone who has Australian friends is sure to have heard the term “Mates Rates”. It is fairly self-explanatory, but basically means special pricing for friends and family.

To celebrate Australia Day we are offering some great savings on a bottle of wine from one of our favorite Australian producers, the 2016 Bleasdale The Broad-Side, a red blend comprised of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec, respectively. Located in the Langhorne Creek region of South Australia, Bleasdale can trace its origins to the early development of South Australia and is the 2nd oldest continuously family owned and run winery in Australia, having made wine continuously since 1850. In the unlikely event that Yalumba goes out of business, Bleasdale will be the oldest continuously family owned and run Aussie producer.

The region is famous for its engaging fruit and soft tannins and the 2014 Bleasdale Broad-Side is everything you would expect from this area. This wine has just about everything going for it. Not the “Sunshine-in-a-glass” style of wine that the low end of Aussie producers seem to churn out with such consistency. This has the super soft tannin structure of the region, combines with big fruit and good structure, plus a very nice discount, albeit a limited time discount, in honor of Australia’s version of our Fourth of July. We normally sell this for $16.99 a bottle but in celebration of Australia Day we are now offering it for $11.99 (which definitely qualifies as Mates Rates) a bottle through the weekend with normal discounts applying

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