17 Oct 2014

A truely old school winemaker and a truely world class Cab

A truely old school winemaker and a truely world class Cab

Let’s face it, we all get intrigued by scores and reviews. There’s no way to get around it

especially with so many different wines out there to choose from. To counter that, we try as many wines as possible to see if the scores have merit. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. But there are wines that are truly deserving of the number attached to them and when you try them you know they are the real deal. One such case is the 2005 Carmelo Patti Cabernet. The 2005 is the current vintage for Carmelo’s Cabernet and it is deserving of its 94 pt Wine Advocate review, where it was called a superb Cabernet. From what we are told Carmelo Patti is pretty much old school.

He does not make much wine and what he makes, he holds back until he thinks the wine has reached a place in time where it merits drinking. This is in its own right is a costly venture and for a small producer it can have financial risks, but when you try the wine you know why it was done that way. It’s a beauty and we are proud to be able to offer this Argentine Cab to our valued customers. We are selling this for $31.99 a bottle which really is incredibly inexpensive in light of what a domestic Cabernet sells for at this quality level. It’s quite impressive but there is not much to go around, so as always first come first served

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