01 Feb 2014

A true meeting of Old World and New World winemaking

A true meeting of Old World and New World winemaking

Kiwi Pinot Noir has now established itself as a well priced go to red wine.

Each passing year we come across more offerings of Pinot Noir out of New Zealand that checks all the right boxes. New Zealand has placed its bets on Pinot Noir as its red grape de jour, the varietal matching perfectly with its mainly maritime climate. It is no surprise that New Zealand has attracted the attention of foreign wine producers, one such example is the French producer from Sancerre called Henri Bourgeois. After a world wide search for a new venue to produce wines, one where they would not have to adhere to the strict winemaking laws of France, they finally found a new home is a very special area of New Zealand.
The name Clos Henri pays tribute to not only the patriarch of the family, Henri Bourgeois, but also the vineyard in New Zealand. In some winegrowing regions of France, a vineyard with a small stone wall around it is called a Clos. The idea being that the Clos has some special attributes which make it ideal for making wine, and that those attributes can often be tasted in the wine. While there is no small stone wall around the vineyard in Marlborough, they think they have a special patch of dirt, and upon trying the wines, we agree.
You would be hard pressed to find such a lovely, fruit orientated and vibrant Pinot Noir as 2012 Clos Henri Petit Clos Pinot Noir. Less than 10% of the wine was aged in oak, all French and all new, so the vibe is about fruit purity with just enough roundness to take off any angular edges, letting the fruit's vibrancy take center stage. The end result is a wine of marked bright red fruit, complimented by some smoky, spice overtures that makes it a delight to drink.

To bring validity outside our own views, Michael Cooper, a Master of Wine, recognized as the main authority on New Zealand's wine, just posted this wine as a top pick in his Buyer's Guide to New Zealand Wines 2014, stating, "Most four-star pinot noirs sell in the $30 to $40 range. Petit Clos by Clos Henri Marlborough Pinot Noir 2012, by contrast, is an excellent, highly satisfying red, full of personality, which sells for under $25." In all fairness, this wine sells for way under $25 in our market, making it a pretty serious value any way you look at it. We are offering this lovely Kiwi Pinot Noir for $15.99 a bottle and $14.39 when you purchase 6 bottles or more.

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