20 Feb 2017

Exceptional Chilean Pinot Noir

Exceptional Chilean Pinot Noir

Chilean Pinot Noir has made huge strides in our market over the past decade and one of the leaders in this surge has been Cono Sur.

One of the reasons that Chile has been able to make such big strides in their Pinot Noir has to do with the opening up of cooler areas for growing grapes. A company at the cutting edge of the Chilean Pinot revolution is Cono Sur, who have raised the bar for other Pinot producers in Chile and across the world. When we try their Organic Pinot Noir, priced at under $12, we wonder how a company can make something that good and send it to the USA for that price.

Cono Sur's mission is to become one of the world's premier producers of Pinot Noir. Producing an extensive line up of Pinot Noir that covers just about every price category, with quality a prime factor across the board, seems to be working in their favor. Just recently we were able to try the 2014 Cono Sur 20 Barrels Pinot Noir and it is a gorgeous rendition of the varietal.

A bit of background shows that English publication Decanter Magazine, in its annual Decanter World Wine Awards, anointed it with a 95 point review and gave it a Platinum award for Best Chilean Pinot Noir over £15, where descriptors of exquisite, delicious and really focused were used to describe its flavor profile. Once you try it you will understand the hype. We are offering this superior crafted Chilean Pinot Noir for $26.99 a bottle and $24.29 on a six bottle or more purchase. This is extremely limited so as always first come first served.

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