19 Jun 2018

Tremendous value on this award winning Kiwi Pinot Noir

Tremendous value on this award winning Kiwi Pinot Noir

Kiwi Pinot Noir has now firmly established itself as a very reputable player on the world Pinot Noir stage, from inexpensive to premium.

What makes the 2016 Dashwood Pinot Noir such a notable wine is the value and quality it offers. After trying the wine, which we thought was a pretty compelling value that over delivered, we did some research and found that in its native New Zealand it was highly awarded at one of that country's most prestigious wine shows, the Air New Zealand Wine Awards.

The Air New Zealand Wine Awards is recognized as one of New Zealand's top wine shows and for a wine to earn a Gold Medal or be named as Best of Class is a high honor. The 2016 Dashwood Pinot Noir pretty much knocked it out of the park, being awarded the Trophy Champion Pinot Noir, the Trophy Champion Reserve Wine of the Show and the Trophy Champion Open Red Wine, and of course a Gold Medal as well. That is a pretty serious showing and shows what a great bottle of wine it is, no matter the price. We are offering this value oriented, over delivering Marlborough Pinot Noir for $14.99 a bottle and $13.49 on a six bottle or more purchase, which makes it one of the better values you will find out there.

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