29 Sep 2011

Decero Amano 2007

Decero Amano 2007

Argentina and malbec have been on fire, but will Argentina end up being a one trick pony...?

Argentina is well respected for its Malbec and its success with this grape varietal seems to see no end in sight. With that segment of the market quite successfully filled, producers have been working outside of their comfort zone, searching for new angles and styles to keep the wine Argentina freight train running on down the tracks. Malbec based blends are becoming the next big thing. Other Bordeaux varieties, Cabernet in particular, usually play second fiddle in these blends.  
One of the better performers we have been exposed to over the past few years is Finca Decero's Amano. The current vintage, 2007, is a blend of Malbec (60%), Cabernet Sauvignon (35%) with Petit Verdot and Tannat filling the blend out. A single vineyard offering, this saw a meticulous selection of the grapes in the vineyard and then the winery before the final assemblage was put together and then it was aged for 20 months in new French oak barrels. The end result is a wine that is complex, multi layered, with lifted, perfumed fruit, concentrated, but still possessing freshness and a structural elegance that speaks of class and pedigree. Only 784 six packs were produced so this is not something you will see in too many places. This was given outstanding reviews by all the big names and we can honesty say that after trying it, this is deserving in every way. We sell this beauty for $39.99 but have worked out a deal where we can offer it for $35.99 when you purchase 6 bottles or more, which in light of its exceptional quality is a great buy.

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