12 Jan 2019

Edgebaston GS Cabernet 2015 – a great wine from a great vintage

Edgebaston GS Cabernet 2015 – a great wine from a great vintage

In 1966 and 1968 George Spies made the legendary GS Cabernet which has stood the test of time. This is the wine against which the old timers from the Cape still compare Cabernets as a true test of greatness, and a few surviving bottles have been blind tasted in lineups including Bordeaux First Growths.

It is not from California, but if it was it would cost multiples more, especially if it had a Napa zip code, which makes it a California Cabernet wine lover’s dream. This wine has everything we want in a high end Cabernet. It is from a vintage widely hailed as the vintage of a decade or more, 2015 which has an added layer of voluptuous fruit. It is from South Africa’s version of Napa Valley, Stellenbosch, which has a track record for producing Cabernets that compete with the rest of the world. Made by David Finlayson who comes from a wine making family that spans three generations, this wine has it all for those who want the flavor profile of Napa but don’t want to spend that sort of money.

The Edgebaston GS Cabernet 2015 drinks like a top shelf Napa Cabernet at a fraction of the price. Voluptuous and fuller bodied, this is loaded with ripe dark fruit that is supported with beautifully integrated tannins, resulting in a palate coating texture with engaging suppleness that flows into a detailed finish with noted length that speaks of its pedigree.

The 2015 vintage is speaking loudly here where everything is turned up a notch, without any loss of balance. Even at a young age this is a gorgeous drop and when considering its pricing this is a steal. You will have a hard time finding anything this good at this price domestically, and out of Napa, forget it. Drink it now or lay it down, anyway you look at it this is a Cabernet that has some serious gravitas, no matter its origin.

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