17 May 2017

A highly reviewed, unique Argentine Chardonnay at great price

A highly reviewed, unique Argentine Chardonnay at great price

A joint venture between Adrianna Catena and Alejandro Vigil, El Enemigo is a project that focuses on making World Class wines, in particular Cabernet Franc.

In a sense, El Enemigo is an amazing combination of expertise, contacts and tradition. Adrianna is a university History Professor and the daughter of Decanter Man of the Year Nicholas Catena. Alejandro is the winemaker for Catena for over a decade. Both share a deep appreciation for history and tradition, and who could have better contacts for sourcing high quality grapes than the winemaker at Catena. Neither partner needs the money from this project, so it is all about passion and creating something of beauty.

The focus of El Enemigo has been reds, and Chardonnays are hard to find from Argentina, so we were surprised when we found out that Alejandro makes one of Argentina's finest Chardonnays, in extremely small batches. You will be hard pressed to find a Chardonnay this unique and intriguing. Only around 20% of the wine went through malolactic fermentation and a few barrels developed a thin layer of a yeast, flor cap, similar to what you would see in Jerez (Sherry) and the Jura of France. This gives the wine a spicy, tangy aromatic lift and some engaging mid palate firmness with underlying acidity that allows it to retain its vibrancy while finishing dry with some briny salinity and minerality.

In the 2016 Descorchados Wine Guide, the definitive wine guide on all things from South America, 2014 El Enemigo Chardonnay was rated the #3 Chardonnay in Argentina, sitting along side two extraordinary high-end counterparts from Catena. The Catena offerings, if you can find them, cost multiples of the El Enemigo, making it a tremendous value in light of its superior quality and unique flavor profile. We are offering this exceptional Argentine Chardonnay for $19.99 a bottle and $17.99 on a six bottle or more purchase. Supplies are limited so as always first come served.

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