14 Jun 2012

Our top pick for a every day cabernet

Our top pick for a every day cabernet

It is sad when an importer goes out of business or a winery pulls out of the USA but often the one who benefits is the consumer. This is a good example of a cabernet that should be at the top of everyone's list of value wines...

Not that long ago one of our suppliers reached out to us and gave us a great deal on the 2006 Famiglia Bianchi Cabernet Sauvignon out of Mendoza, Argentina. We tried the wine, liked it and jumped all over it. It seemed to work pretty well as we sold everything we had, and judging from customer’s feedback they were more than happy with what they had paid for. Well the same supplier has just come back to us and told us they found more of this wine lying around in the hidden recesses of their warehouse.
But this time there was a catch, it was going to be much cheaper, which has allowed us to bring down the pricing quite a bit. We sold this for $11.99 a bottle and $9.99 a bottle on a purchase of six bottles or more. We can now offer this Argentine Cabernet for $8.99 a bottle and $7.99 on a six bottle or more purchase. This wine is drinking well and has a couple of years of good drinking ahead of it. Mainly savory on opening with black olives, herbs and darker fruits, it fleshes out nicely with some aeration.
If you liked it the first time then the new pricing should make this even more enticing...

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