15 Apr 2017

An exceptional dry Aussie Riesling out of the Clare Valley

An exceptional dry Aussie Riesling out of the Clare Valley

Riesling is one of our favorite white varieties, period. We love the flavors that one gets out of Riesling, but many people shy away from Riesling because of the perception that all Rieslings are sweet.

The fact is that Australia makes some of the best dry Rieslings from anywhere, and this is a great time to start discovering why we love Rieslings so much. These wines are bone dry and are very different than the off-dry versions from Germany, and are hallmarked by great acidity and flavors of stony minerality, gunflint and citrus fruits.

The word out of Australia is that the 2016 vintage for Riesling, in particular from the Clare Valley, has all the markings for being a great one. Our only point of reference this early has been the wines from Jim Barry, both the Lodge Hill Riesling and the Jim Barry Watervale Riesling. We can only say they are both exceptional offerings, and at under $20 these are some of the finest white wine values in the world. We were very impressed with both wines but the 2016 Watervale Riesling was the one that really got our attention.

Sourced from the famous Florita Vineyard, where some of Australia's finest Rieslings have come from for decades, this is all about lemon and lime sorbet with a stony, mineralty and racy acid spine that says this will drink gorgeously over the next 8-10 years quite easily. There is not much available so this is one of those rare opportunities to try a masterpiece that truly speaks of its place of origin. We are offering this riveting Clare Valley Riesling for $18.99 and $16.99 on a six bottle of more purchase. If you love well made dry Riesling out of Australia then you are going to love this one.

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