15 Aug 2010

The road less travelled

The road less travelled

A long journey by car, a kid that needs the rest room, and a glass of minerally chardonnay...

On vacation with the family in South Africa and we were driving back to Cape Town from Plettenberg Bay. We were on a road I would have rather not been on – the R62 – because it took us past some cool ostrich farms (“Honey, won’t it be great to show the kids some ostriches…? Maybe you can ride one…”) I wanted to be somewhere else, like on the beach in Cape Town sipping a beer, but I found myself on the R62, and one of the kids starts telling me he needs a pit stop. If he could hold it another 40 minutes we would be in civilization, but that was not happening. I promise the family that at the next available opportunity we would stop.

A few minutes later a building comes into view. As we pull into the drive way it has the distinct look of a working farm and a sign that says Joubert-Tradauw. There is a farm stall which has a restroom, so the kid is happy. I go inside what I think is the farm stall and see a tasting bar…Weird. We are in the Klein Karoo, about 3 hours from Cape Town. This is the middle of nowhere. I had heard about wines being made in this area, but never tasted them. Well guess what…I was in for a big surprise. It turns out the Joubert family has been farming for 6 generations, and they have been in this place called the Tradauw Valley for quite a while too. The Joubert-Tradauw Chardonnay 2008 is finely balanced between use of French oak, and good fruit flavors, with a hint of minerality.

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