26 Sep 2011

Longwood Shiraz Reserve 2005

Longwood Shiraz Reserve 2005

It is with mixed emotions as we write this. On the one hand it is a sad day to see wines like this closed out and sold to us below importer cost, which is reflective of the tough economy and a weak dollar.

On the up beat side, where can you find a wine of this pedigree and class that drinks this good at this price? For the skeptics out there, this was given a 92 pt review from the Wine Advocate and 91 pts from both Steven Tanzer and the Wine Enthusiast, respectively. Australian wine has taken its lumps in our market over the past few years, not because the wines are not good. A major factor has been pricing, which directly relates to a wine like this that is made in incredibly small batches, around 150 cases in total. Having been to the Longwood property in McLaren Vale several times over the years, we can say that we believe in what winemaker Phil Christensen does, and does so well, and will continue to support him.

The very nature of this kind of ultra boutique wine makes it very expensive to produce, from sourcing of high quality fruit to the labeling and bottling. Economies of scale play heavily into the equation. So the end result of all this is that what was once a $40 bottle of wine can now be offered for half of that and even better than that on a six bottle deal. We now can offer this for $19.99 a bottle and $17.99 a bottle on a six bottle or more deal. We know times are tough out there, but something this good at this price is a great deal anyway you look at it.

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