24 Aug 2010

Off the beaten track in Argentina

Off the beaten track in Argentina

The Patagonia region of Argentina is a windswept and desolate landmass that has been involved in growing wine grapes for over one hundred years.

When most wine drinkers think of Argentina in terms of wine, the first thing that comes to mind is Malbec and rightly so. But in a country this vast with a long history of winegrowing there are many more options outside of Malbec. One of the lesser known options, although a small player in terms of its volume, is Pinot Noir - in particular Pinot Noir from the southern environs of Patagonia. This dry, cool, windswept region has just started to work with the varietal and the results have been impressive.
We have just come across what we think is an outstanding example of a Patagonian Pinot, namely the Manos Negras Pinot Noir 2008. We have tried, and carried a few Patagonian Pinots before this, but in the end this is a better bottle of wine for the money. It has to be one of the best sub $15 bottles of Pinot we carry. It's definitely Pinot Noir in every way except this has more stuffing and complexity than the price tag would suggest.
In fact we beg you to find a Pinot this good at this price from anywhere in the world. We are sure they are out there, but for the money this is hard to beat. This is loaded up with beautiful red fruits with precise flavors and that extra depth this makes you think of something that could easily cost $20 and above. When we tried this recently we were shocked at how good it was and then with the price added in it became obvious that this is a stellar effort. We love Pinot Noir and something this good at this price is definitely worthy of consideration.

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