01 Jan 2019

Magnum format one one of our favorite Cape wines

Magnum format one one of our favorite Cape wines

We were hoping this wine would arrive before the holiday season, but it has just made its way into our warehouse, so it is one of those good things happen to those with patience scenarios.

We do not see much of Meerlust Rubicon in a magnum, 1.5 liter format, so this is rare treat and we feel honored to be able to do an offering the 2013 Meerlust Rubicon magnum to our valued customers. Meerlust Rubicon has a track record for not only being a great bottle of wine, but also has the potential for some serious bottle aging and when put into a magnum format its age worthiness increases significantly. To say that this Magnum of Rubicon could age well for 2 decades from harvest is not a stretch. For collectors who like to age wines, this is something to take note of.

Meerlust Rubicon ushered in the new era of making Bordeaux blends in the Cape in the early 1980’s, an action which altered the course of winemaking in the Cape, a proverbial crossing of the Rubicon River, taking a page from Roman lore when Julius Cesar said “The die is cast” as he crossed the Rubicon and marched towards Rome in 49 BC. We are offering this unique format, the Meerlust Rubicon Magnum 2013 for $69.99 a bottle making it great value compared with some of the more recent Bordeaux blends from the Cape which have 20 years less of a track record but cost almost double. Be it for yourself or for a gift, this is a pretty impressive offering anyway you look at it. The best part is that there is no hurry to drink this one as it has got a good number of years in front of it.

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