29 Oct 2015

Top 100 Value wine from Mendoza's Uco Valley

Top 100 Value wine from Mendoza's Uco Valley

Getting a Top 100 score for anything always helps, but the wine has to speak for itself.

In growing wine grapes, geography is everything. The soils, elevation, climate, sunshine, rainfall, frost etc all play their part. That is why growing wine grapes at the highest level is limited to a few really specific areas. Some places are blessed with all the right factors, and the Mendoza wine region of Argentina has a high elevation with abundant sunshine, cool nights, and plenty of snowmelt runoff, all of which the grapes love. The Mil Piedras brand makes a reference to the stones in the vineyard. These stones reflect the suns warmth back towards the grapes and help to ripen the berries.

As the weather cools down we can finally start gearing up towards red wine. In the context of value and just a pure delight to drink one of the wines that comes to mind is the 2014 Mil Piedras Malbec. We tried this awhile back and thought it really over delivered, it is juicy with lifted dark fruits and it's a gorgeous bottle of wine.

For under $10 a bottle it ticks all the right boxes. It was just given a Top 100 Best Value rating for 2015 for wines under $15 from Wine Enthusiast (#34), which should help those sitting on the fence to realize that this pretty good and for $9.99 a bottle and $8.99 on six bottles or more makes it something to stock up on.

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