01 Jan 2018

Another terrific Pinot Noir value from Central Otago

Another terrific Pinot Noir value from Central Otago

Last year the 2014 vintage of the Mud House Pinot Noir was a Wine Spectator Top 100.

The current release, the 2015 Mud House Pinot Noir, actually got a higher score from Wine Spectator than the 2014, 91 pts versus 90 pts, respectively, so this is everything the touted 2014 was in terms of quality. So what is the difference? Not much, if anything but we have never seen back to back Top 100's for the same wine. Our advice is to forget the Top 100 Wines of the Year list, and buy wine that has a track record for over-delivering.

The quality is intact, the pricing, in particular in regards to anything out of Central Otago, is quite notable, making it an exceptional value (what would you expect from a $16 Pinot from Oregon?). It has the typical Otago cherry pit and (dried) herb characters that we have come to love and expect. If you liked last years highly anointed version of the Mud House, then the 2015 should definitely be worthy of consideration. We are offering the 2015 Mud House Pinot Noir for $15.99 a bottle and $14.39 on a six bottle or more purchase. If you are a lover of well-made Pinot Noir that represents serious value then here is a great go to wine that brings quality and big time value under one roof.

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