19 Mar 2014

A revisit on this top Otago Pinot with a few extra vintages under its belt

A revisit on this top Otago Pinot with a few extra vintages under its belt

The Otago region of New Zealand has gone from about zero to full speed in what seems like 15 years and is now recognized the world over as being a quality wine producing region.

When it comes to Pinot Noir, New Zealand seems to be settling in comfortably with this most fickle varietal. Many of that country’s Pinot Noir plantings are starting to get enough age on them for the varietal to start showing its true potential. The Central Otago region of the southern part of the South Island has been developing a well deserved reputation for producing some of New Zealand’s finest. A unique continental climate sets it apart from the rest of the country and along with its far southerly latitude, has allowed this area to produce some pretty stellar Pinot Noir. Central Otago was first settled in any significant way by Europeans during the Otago gold rush of the 1860s, and ever since then there have been small scale vineyard plantings. The Otago wine industry began to rapidly expand starting in about 1996 and now is known for producing some of New Zealands best Pinots and Chardonnays.

Peregrine has been producing its Central Otago Pinot Noir for almost 15 years (since 1998) and the quality of its fruit seems to merit some serious attention for those of us who love well made Pinot Noir. We have had the good fortune to be offered a deal we just couldn't say no to on the 2009 Peregrine Pinot Noir. With a few years extra bottle age this is showing beautifully and should continue to do so for several more years quite easily. In fact the 2009 Peregrine Pinot Noir is now showing on par with the stellar 2007, which was, and still is, an amazing bottle of wine. Peregrine has established itself as a formidable player in the Kiwi Pinot camp and when we can get deals on one of its Pinot Noir with a little bottle age its a win win situation for everyone. We have sold this wine in the past for around $28 a bottle but can now offer it for $21.99 and $19.79 when you purchase 6 bottles or more, which in light of its superior quality makes it an excellent value.

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