10 Sep 2013

Outstanding 97pt Aussie Shiraz from French producer Michel Chapoutier

Outstanding 97pt Aussie Shiraz from French producer Michel Chapoutier

Some wines have a real story, with real people behind them and they come along with real pedigree. At the end of the day we need to pay less attention to the hype and more attention to what is in the glass.

We could spin this one a couple of different ways, but the 2010 Terlato & Chapoutier lieu dit Malakoff Shiraz is an exceptional wine. How do we talk about this wine? First, we could talk about the 97 point review from the man himself, Robert Parker, which is a very praiseworthy feat on is own. Or we could talk about Michel Chapoutier, the man behind the Terlato & Chapoutier label, a renown French producer, who knows a thing about making world class Syrah from the Rhone Valley. He went to Australia to set up shop there as well in the Pyrenees (these Pyrenees mountains being different from the Pyrenees in France). We could also mention that the Chapoutier label has produced wines out of its native France that have scored a perfect 100 pt review before, in fact on a number of occasions. Also, the 2010 harvest was a one that winemakers from Barossa to Mornington Peninsula will be talking about for a long time.

So put in that context, a 97 pt review for some could be looked at as the pinnacle of success. To the Chapoutier gang it appears to be just part of the high bar they have set that has not been achieved just once, but many times, along with a plethora of high 90 scores across the board. All in all, this Aussie Shiraz is an exceptional bottle of wine that is fairly limited in its availability. We did not get much and are offering it for $47.99 a bottle and $43.19 on a six or more bottle purchase. We were also able to procure a few magnums which we are offering for $99.99 a bottle.

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