09 Nov 2018

An overdelivering Rhone style blend out of the Swartland

An overdelivering Rhone style blend out of the Swartland

The wines of Tania and Vincent Careme offer exceptional value. Vincent hails from Vouvray in France's Loire Valley where he makes some very impressive wines, in particular Chenin Blanc.

He has carried that passion with him to South Africa where he has teamed up with his South African wife to create the Terre Brûlée label which specializes in wines from the Swartland. They only make two wines in the portfolio: Le Blanc, a Chenin Blanc and Le Rouge, a blend of Shiraz and Cinsault. The Terre Brûlée Chenin Blanc has been a terrific value and has impressively delivered the goods in spades. So how about the Le Rouge, Shiraz Cinsault blend? Can it compete in the bang for the buck stakes like its sibling Chenin Blanc? The answer is an easy and definitive yes. The Terre Brulee Le Rouge 2016 beauty with a core of delicious red fruit and a touch of savory earth and spice that gives that little extra that takes it to the next level, reminding of a well-made Cotes de Rhone. This versatile red blend drinks well on its own but will shine with food.

Sourced from 18 year old Swartland vines, this Rhone style blend is another example of how great the values are coming out of the Cape and why these wines should be on more tables. This kind of quality usually commands a much higher premium than the $15.99 a bottle we are offering it for, and could sell for twice as much and no one would bat an eye. The value gets even better on a six bottle or more purchase where the wine comes down to $14.39 a bottle. This seems to be a perfect wine for the cooler days in front of us.

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