10 Jun 2010

Australian Wine - where to now? Part 1

Gone are the days when we needed to fight off the trophy hunting consumers, beating down our doors to access high scoring Aussie delights. The conundrum of crashing export numbers to global markets in various price tiers, and producers going out of business, is certainly not something the world could ever have predicted 10 years ago when this category was ablaze with success and opportunity. .... Continue reading Australian Wine - where to now? Part 1

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08 Jun 2010

Mendoza Winery visit

Recently I made my first trip to Mendoza wine region in Argentina and visited over 20 wineries. Gregg Phillips, our senior buyer, has made numerous trips down there. What I learned is interesting to me and I have a few observations, most positive, but a few that concern me.

.... Continue reading Mendoza Winery visit

Posted by John   10:42:00

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