29 Sep 2011

Decero Amano 2007

Argentina and malbec have been on fire, but will Argentina end up being a one trick pony...? .... Continue reading Decero Amano 2007

Posted by Gregg   09:10:00

26 Sep 2011

Longwood Shiraz Reserve 2005

It is with mixed emotions as we write this. On the one hand it is a sad day to see wines like this closed out and sold to us below importer cost, which is reflective of the tough economy and a weak dollar.
.... Continue reading Longwood Shiraz Reserve 2005

Posted by Gregg Phillips   00:00:00

07 Sep 2011

Great option for white Burgundy lover

The Chardonnay from Hamilton Russell can be looked at as a fine white Burgundy knockoff without the price tag. .... Continue reading Great option for white Burgundy lover

Posted by Oliver   12:08:00

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